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If you’re regularly having your employees shred documents in volume, you could be shredding your productivity and profitability as well.

Here at Gorgy Recycling Company we not only want to provide our planet with a cleaner environment but we also want to give you a safer life. Do you have important papers that you want to dispose of but you’re afraid someone will steal your information through your trash?

We have paper shredders that can help you destroy important documents that you no longer need. It is important to protect your identity and the well being of your company.


  • Valery was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Very kind and asked the right questions to ensure we got the exact service needed. The driver (Ariel) was very friendly and helpful. He was very nice. Both Valery and Ariel made the experience with your company very easy going. They represented your company in great fashion. Thank you very much. We look forward in using your services again.

    Ulises Balbin
  • They were all super and efficient. The job was done on time as requested and i would recommend the company to anyone looking for shredding.

  • Very very nice gentleman who came to do the work. All customers should be treated that way!.


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Hard Drive Shredding

Along with shredding vital paper documents, it is also essential to shred your hard drives. Computer hard drives contain private information about your customers, you, and your business; they contain all the information you may have printed out to file manually.

So just as you need to protect yourself and your company from identity theft by shredding your documents, you need to properly destroy your computer hard drives as well.

Our newly added cutting-edge shredding gear lets us shred hard drives, backup magnetic tapes, laptops, floppy disks, microfiche, x-rays, microfilm, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, PDAs, and cell phones.

We could spend time deleting or rewriting data on all the above media objects but we take a better, safer step by physically damaging and destroying them.

Security Consoles

36” x 22 3/4” x 15 3/4

Neutral-colored with a furniture-like feel that fits in well with office décor. One-way feed-slot design ensures paper cannot be manipulated. Wide feed slot can accept up to 400 pieces of paper at a time. Durable nylon bag or cardboard box insert ensures clean, efficient retrieval.

High-Volume Security Bins

64-gallon: 42″ x 26″ x 26”
96-gallon: 46” x 28“ x 31“

Top-loading, durable plastic containers for high paper volumes Cut security slot to ensure paper cannot be retrieved from inside Wheeled and well-balanced for easy maneuvering

Document Destruction

We want to help you demolish and properly dispose of all your important papers so identity thieves can’t bring harm to your company or to your personal life. We know how essential it is to keep your individual and business information concealed, even after you no longer need it.

Gorgy Recycling Company brings to you our paper shredding services and will shred anything you require us to. This includes invoices, financial records, payroll documents, medical records, blue prints or maps, video & audio tapes, cancelled or voided checks, income tax documents, ID cards, credit cards, Microfiche, micro films, accounting records, misprints, personal files, customer documents, stapled papers, advertising correspondence, hard drives, and computer printouts.

Why Us?

Our goal at Gorgy Recycling Company is to provide the world with a cleaner and protected environment. We recycle the remains that come from the hard drives or other media devices corresponding to all Environmental Protection Agency policies.

When given a task to shred for you or your company, we will give you a Certificate of Destruction to prove to you that your documents and/or equipment was destroyed. Along with the certificate you will also receive a Serial Number Log; all this is in concurrence to the rules and regulations consented by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act privacy laws, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act privacy laws.

We securely destroy your important data and the best part hasn’t even been mentioned yet. If you do not live in Florida, we can still be of service to you. All you have to do is mail us the media you want to dispose of through secure shipping and we will shred it for you. Services that provide secure shipping include, but are not limited to FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We suggest that you choose a signature requirement when shipping important and private documents or media. Once we have completed shredding any and all items for you, you will be mailed back the same confirmation information as if you had come to us in person: a Serial Number Log and Certificate of Destruction.

Keeping your planet clean from trash waste and smelly fumes is just as important as keeping your house free from these things. Environmental and global warming apprehensions continue to grow, so it’s important for every person to contribute to making the planet a better place to thrive in. By recycling all the paper in your business offices it helps limit the amount of trees that are cut down. By buying recycled paper it continues to help lower that amount. If you are interested in starting a recycling agenda within your business, please don’t hesitate to call us.

At our company, our shredding trucks are equipped with security cameras so that all your documents and media devices are contained safely while in our care. We have done extensive background checks on all our truck drivers before they begin working with us. Along with the twenty-four hour security cameras we have a security guard watching over the premises.

No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but each year mismanagement of sensitive material costs businesses just like yours millions of dollars in liability and/or lost productivity. That’s why All American Shredding Services provides full-service document management and product destruction, a more cost-efficient and secure alternatives.

Depending on your volume, you can choose to have a secure executive container or a large wheeled container delivered to your office.

AASS picks up the documents to be shredded based on the frequency and schedule you select. We shred your documents and sensitive materials, including CDs and diskettes, by a pierce-and-tear method to meet the highest security standards. Our company will give you a Certificate of Destruction once the shredding is complete. All shredded material is 100% recycled, helping to keep the environment free of waste.

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